The Soup Kitchen

Ruth Drop-in Centre want to move away from giving food parcels. Through our research we discover the following:

  • If there is any form of substance abuse the food is sold to support the habit
  • Most of the time there is no electricity and food spoil quickly
  • Our community is aware of the need and deliver food for those in need unaware that they did received food already with no fridges -the food spoil and land in the dustbin the next day
  • The cost of canned food is so high fresh products will feed a family for longer
  • Lack of cooking skills or creativity there will be ingredients for bread but they don’t have the skills to do that

In our Soup Kitchen we will prepare daily meals to the families in the program. It also forms part of our job creation program.

The Store

Ruth Drop-in Centre use a point system for their beneficiaries. Beneficiaries earn points for the programs and work sessions they attend they can then use these points at the store.

The store will stock:

  • Second hand clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Blankets
  • Toys
  • Second hand goods
  • Baby products